:::Sounas images in themes by Ales Krivec:::

Slovenian designer Ales Krivec (aka gljivec in Themeforest) is using my images in a couple of his nice themes:

Radyx  psd theme
Mistix wordpress theme
Mistix HTML&CSS version 

If you are a web designer and you want to spice up your theme with my illustrations, you can buy preview images from my shop.
You can see more info here.




:::Themezilla uses Sounas images for their themes:::

Themezilla is currently using my images for two of their lovely themes: Launch & Volumes.
You can check the themes here:

If you are a web designer and you want to spice up your theme with my illustrations, you can buy preview images from my shop.
You can see more info here.



:::Developer Economics 2012 : illustrations & graphs:::

Another big report by VisionMobile, which I have created illustrations and graphs for.
Cover and chapter illustrations look very nice and I really liked the final result.
You can see the full range of artwork in my portfolio.


:::Editorial illustration:::

Editorial illustration for VisionMobile’s article: Why some publishers are abandoning apps and betting on the web.
The main idea is the opossition of Web & Apps (two different cards) and Poker chips represent the betting, which companies set on them.


:::MonsterUp Adventures Game is available:::

One of the most exciting games for Windows Phone handsets has been released by KariosGames and it features a bunch of nice graphics.
I have worked on this project creating monsters and minions, UI design, level backgrounds and everything is needed to give a nice touch to this lovely game.
You can see the full range of artwork in my portfolio.


:::Concept Ninja character:::

This is a concept Ninja character which may be used for an app icon. It was designed for Tes Mathijssen.
Hope it will make to the final production :)



:::The Clash of Ecosystems infographic:::

A new infographic about the Clash of Ecosystems for VisionMobile. This infographic presents key figures for each of  competing platforms, smartphone penetration per region – but it also shows what happened to platforms that didn’t make it. Which platform has the largest sales base? Which has the largest app store, with the most downloads? Check out the answers in the Clash of Ecosystems infographic – as well as the mural of dead (or dying) platforms, the Dead Platform Graveyard.

I decided to depict the figures and data in a 18-19th century european style (Napoleon era), where platforms are depicted as clashing countries.

You can read the full infographic here.



:::Thought-Bender fan-illustrated by Natalia Urbina:::

I’m so flattered to see one of my illustrations(Thought-Bender) in an acrylic version
by Natalia Urbina for her illustration class.
You can see his original tweet here
It looks very nice :)

I’m very happy to see my art inspiring other artists!

Follow Natalia  @nutsurbina


:::Sounas illustrations used in Cypher psd theme:::

This is Cypher, a very nice psd theme vailable in Themeforest by the talented greek web designer JohnPixle (aka John Fraskos). As you can see, John uses my images to promote his theme, which looks so fantastic with all these colourful images.

You can check John Fraskos’ Dribbble profile here: http://dribbble.com/john_pixle
Buy his theme: http://themeforest.net/item/cypher-a-bold-blog-news-psd-theme/2390334

If you are a web designer and selling themes you can buy my available images to enhance your theme’s promotion.
For more info, visit my shop.



:::Elements Conflict:::

This is a series of personal illustrations based on an idea I had about the Elements conflict in nature.
You can see the full illustrations in my portfolio.