Busceo illustrations

Here’s a jungle-theme frontpage I designed for Busceo along with very nice characters.
Jungle characters represent users and buyers who look for sales, offers and coupons through internet.
Animals represent these coupons (they look like flat papers with barcodes).

You can see the illustrations on my portfolio.





:::VisionMobile The Rise of New App Economy infographic infographic:::

You can see full infographic here




More sounas sketches on Paper ipad app

I really love Paper app by 53 and whenever I have the chance to lay my hands on my brother’s ipad, I spend my time on sketching with this amazing app.
For your consideration, I’m using various styli but Wacom Bamboo for iPad seems the most nice so far. It has a smooth feeling and follows my drawing lines pretty well.



Winner in Lunatik on Paper contest

Last month I have submitted one of my sketches to Lunatik contest, which I had done with Paper ipad app.
And the final results had me as one of the winners of a nice  Lunatik Polymer Touch pen, which I’m waiting to receive next weeks.

You can check the stylus and all winning sketches here:


:::Wacom contest by Design By Humans:::

Design by Humans and Wacom hold a great contest and I have recently qualified to the 32 finalists round!
Check my illustration for this round, named “Unlikely Hero”. It features a character in serenity which holds the planetary system.
You can vote here:






:::Paper53 rough sketches:::

Recently I had the chance to play with my brother’s iPad and I gave another try with the famous Paper53 app.
Paper 53 is not a complete painting software like Sketchbook or ProCreate but it allows you to make rough sketches in typical sketching pads.
So here are some very quick drafts I did while I was testing 53′s tools like Pen, Marker and Brush.

It has a great feeling and I strongly recommend it for all iPad users.
You can read a short review here I wrote some months ago.

For professional painting apps for your iPad, currently  the best available apps are Sketchbook and the amazing ProCreate (it’s the best app in my opinion)


:::Sounas in PSD Magazine:::

I have recently created a nice tutorial for Adobe Illustrators users in PSD Photoshop Magazine.
The illustration I created was featured as a cover as well and it is named Monsters in Robots.
Check more here.


:::The Kate Middleton Effect illustrations:::

Here are some illustrations I did for an infographic about Kate Middleton effect in UK Market (clothes, trends etc)


:::Online vs Offline shopping : illustrations for infographic:::

Here are some illustrations I did for an interesting  infographic named : Online vs Offline Shopping


:::FrontPage illustrations for VisionMobile’s website:::

These are some illustrations I did for the VisionMobiles’s website frontpage which is involved with mobile industry reports and articles.
You can see the website here.