:::Monster of Notes 2012 Agenda:::

Monster of Notes by Ilias Sounas | Make Your Own Book

Now you can order Monster of Notes, an agenda for 2012 in sounas style. Keep notes for every day & month, even for your income and expense in a black&white pocket size notebook full with nice characters. 

Price: 9.00€
Order your copy now: http://www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/2571890


:::Revive Democracy Wallpaper:::

New World Order is ahead and humanity must realize its power to break the chains of “political slavery”.


:::Facebook World -infographic:::

This is a new infographic I did recently about Facebook World, full of trivia, facts and statistics. Some very interesting facts for the most time-wasting place on earth. Read more by clicking on the image below


:::The Mobile Platform Race infographic:::

If you are a mobile developer then you would like to have a look at my latest infographic I did for VisionMobile.com.
It is called “The Mobile Platform Race” in space theme and it provides invaluable info about the current mobile platforms. You can check here.


:::SounasDesign mentioned in Escape show:::

Marios Karagiannis (of KariosGames.com) was recently hosted in the famous “ESCAPE” greek tv show talking about his games on Windows Phone platform. He presented MonsterUp and even mentioned my graphic skills contribution to his games!
Thanks Marios and I hope MonsterUp game will keep on being a big hit!




:::Platform X:::

A new illustration about Platform X, an article by VisionMobile.com

:::Conectar.se illustrations:::

Here’s another project for Mindproject services, this time for Conectar.se. A series of catchy illustrations for a brochure, explaining the most common services Conectar.se offers.


:::Mindproject.net : Illustrations:::

Well one of my favourite latest projects included a series of very nice illustrations about Mindproject’s website. MindProject is a consultancy platform specialized in the Tourism Marketing Cycle within the dynamics of Digital Culture, based in Mallorca, Spain and asked for a series of illustrations for their website’s sections.

The project was really challenging as I had to get interesting messages across the audience, some of them were not easily depictable. Nevertheless, the illustrations came with fresh, summer colours and fit perfect with the overall website colour scheme :)


:::Pawnbroking Timeline infographic:::

This a new infographic based on the most common facts about pawnbroking from the past to our era. It was made for Pawngo.com, UK. It was a great project which allowed me to work on history facts and History is my favourite subject. 16 beautiful images/icons were designed in my style based on the appropriate texts.