:::Paper53 rough sketches:::

Recently I had the chance to play with my brother’s iPad and I gave another try with the famous Paper53 app.
Paper 53 is not a complete painting software like Sketchbook or ProCreate but it allows you to make rough sketches in typical sketching pads.
So here are some very quick drafts I did while I was testing 53′s tools like Pen, Marker and Brush.

It has a great feeling and I strongly recommend it for all iPad users.
You can read a short review here I wrote some months ago.

For professional painting apps for your iPad, currently  the best available apps are Sketchbook and the amazing ProCreate (it’s the best app in my opinion)


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  1. Φοβερός!!! Να εκδόσετε και πραγματικό artbook με τα σχέδια αυτά, θα είναι φοβερό!!

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